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Fast and Flexible Disbursement Solutions  

When it's time to disburse funds, whether to individuals or businesses, PressPay's Card Payouts solutions offer a secure and convenient way to transfer money globally. Our payout services are designed to meet the diverse needs of your payees, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty.

Payout to Card:

Immediate Access
Send funds directly to your recipients' debit cards, providing them with instant access to their money.
Broad Network Compatibility
Our service supports a vast network of cards, enabling payouts to a wide audience without boundaries.

Global Payouts

Worldwide Reach
Expand your payout capabilities across borders, reaching over 170 countries with our global network.
Multi-Currency Support
Eliminate currency barriers by sending payouts in local currencies, enhancing convenience for your international recipients.
Optimized for Everyone
Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our solutions are tailored to provide optimal payout services for your scale of operations.
With PressPay's Card Payouts, elevate your payout process to a global scale, ensuring timely and efficient transactions that keep your business and its partners moving forward.

AI-Optimized Efficiency & Security

Experience AI-powered transactions that fuse speed with security. PressPay's AI revolutionizes operations, slashes costs, and boosts your revenue potential.
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Intelligent Efficiency:
Adaptive, automated processes save on operational resources.
Fast Onboarding:
Leverage adaptive technologies for smarter acceptance.
Secure & Optimized Payments:
Smart routing, retry logic and customer preference prioritization.
Unmatched Fraud Protection:
Advanced machine learning for ironclad fraud prevention.

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