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Real-time account top-ups
Lowest rates via multiple rails
Unified, streamlined API
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Unparalleled Transaction Power

Experience AI-enhanced transactions with PressPay, where cutting-edge technology and deep payment insights amplify conversion rates, delivering unprecedented speed and security while uncovering additional revenue potential.

Why PressPay ?

Is Your Payments Architecture Delivering on Your Promises?

Enhance your financial services solution with PressPay's robust payment infrastructure for seamless transactions, speed, flexibility, and cost savings. Trust in our technology to reduce declines and chargebacks, ensuring your clients receive top-notch service and cost-effective solutions.


Seamless payments, globally.


Trust in our reliable and robust rails system.


Multiple payment methods, withdrawal control, balance transfers and more.


Advanced tech minimizing declines and chargebacks for better savings.

The Better Choice for Financial Services

Unlock the Advantages of Powerful Payment Technology

Elevate your client offering with  better payment solutions.

Unified API for Optimal Performance

Elevate your payment architecture with our single, modular API. Everything you need for a smoother payment experience is at your fingertips.

A Range of Bank Partnerships

We cater to any financial services use case, partnering with 15 of the biggest banks that service the majority of North American fintechs.

Machine Learning Risk Engine

Harness the power of our AI-driven risk engine, ensuring smooth payment experiences and ironclad security.

Card Payouts

Offer instant, reliable and low-cost payouts to any card or account.

Lowest Rates and Highest Acceptance

Direct connections to 14 credit and debit networks ensures your payments are optimized for speed, cost, and performance.

AI-Optimized Efficiency & Security

Experience AI-powered transactions that fuse speed with security. PressPay's AI revolutionizes operations, slashes costs, and boosts your revenue potential.
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Intelligent Efficiency:
Adaptive, automated processes save on operational resources.
Fast Onboarding:
Leverage adaptive technologies for smarter acceptance.
Secure & Optimized Payments:
Smart routing, retry logic and customer preference prioritization.
Unmatched Fraud Protection:
Advanced machine learning for ironclad fraud prevention.
Use Cases

Streamlined Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Explore how our versatile payment solutions can be customized to fit your specific requirements.

Digital Goods & Services

Empower your digital marketplace with PressPay, providing a frictionless payment experience for users engaging in digital goods and services worldwide.

Account Top-Ups

Keep your users engaged and satisfied with real-time account top-ups, ensuring they have immediate access to your platform's offerings.

Debt Repayment

Customize loan servicing rates with PressPay, offering borrowers flexible and user-friendly debt repayment solutions.

Credit Balance Transfers

Facilitate third-party credit card payments effortlessly, enhancing user convenience and satisfaction.

Withdrawal Options

Grant users control over withdrawal timing, providing a seamless and user-centric experience.

Fast Account Funding

Expedite user onboarding with PressPay's speedy account funding, ensuring a smooth start to their journey.

P2P Transfers

Make global money transfers a breeze, allowing users to send funds quickly and conveniently, no matter where they are.

Subscription & Bill Pay

Simplify bill and subscription payments for users, offering an easy and hassle-free payment experience.

Digital Tipping

Enable low-cost, instant tip processing and payouts, enhancing user engagement and rewarding content creators.

On & Off Ramp

Simplify currency conversions with PressPay, facilitating quick access to cryptocurrency markets while transitioning seamlessly between traditional and digital assets.


Power your crowdfunding platform with PressPay, offering diverse payment options for backers to fund projects securely and globally.


Transform cross-border money transfers with PressPay's efficient and secure remittance solutions, benefiting both senders and recipients worldwide.

Elevate Your Fintech Experience

Elevate Your Fintech Experience

PressPay offers unmatched features and more. Let us help you enhance your service offerings.