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Increase Your Fundraising Efforts with Smart Giving Technology

Increase Your Fundraising Efforts with Smart Giving Technology
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Enjoy next-day settlements for fast access to your funds
Frictionless transactions for easy donation collection
Multiple payment methods, withdrawal control, balance transfers and more.
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Fundraising at Your Fingertips

CharityBox is a brand-able, portable digital donation station that enhances the donor's experience by enabling self-service giving in real-time. A powerful tool for facilitating first-time donations and overall increased engagement. Perfect for places of worship and fundraising events.

On The Go
Wireless with rechargeable battery that keeps it powered for 11 hours, enabling you to meet your donors on-the-go.
Wi-Fi Enabled
Heading to an event? Your Charity Box is able to safely connect to any WiFi network or hotspot ensuring you’re always connected to accept donations. 
Contactless Payments
Accept quick, cashless donations through credit card, debit card and , ApplePay.
Touch Screen
Create a customized experience and allow donors the control to select or set their donation amount.
Text To Donate

The Best Solution For Easy Mobile Fundraising

Our Text-to-Donate service connects with your supporters directly on their mobile devices. Just upload your contact list, tailor your campaign, and hit 'send'. Your backers will get a secure link to make their donation quickly and easily, on the spot, right from their phones.

One-Time Donations
Just want to send your event attendees a one-time ask? Text-to-donate is a great way to connect during your event!
Event Campaigns
Send out text messages to your event attendees before, during, and after the event to allow them to donate to support your organization’s work.
Card-on-File Updates
Sending multiple campaigns to your supporters? Don’t worry, they won’t have to add their credit card information each time - making it super easy for them to donate multiple times!
Customized Campaigns
Write a custom message for each mobile campaign so your supporters know exactly why you are fundraising and how their donation helps!
Donation Forms Builder

Create A Powerful Donation Form Quickly & Easily

Now it’s easier than ever before to collect donations on your website with our user-friendly, impactful donation forms.  PressPay forms are designed to easily integrate into any existing website. Leverage this tool to instantly drive more donations and increase recurring donations.

Align With Your Brand
Match your brand’s exact look and feel with custom CSS
Add Designated Funds
Let your donors designate where their gift will go
Donation Intervals
Allow your donor to choose the frequency of their recurring donation
Tribute Gifts
Provide the option for donors to give gifts in honor or memory of someone
Donor Comments
Provide a space for donors to leave a comment for your organizations
Custom Questions
Add custom questions to collect additional information from your donors

AI-Optimized Efficiency & Security

Experience AI-powered transactions that fuse speed with security. PressPay's AI revolutionizes operations, slashes costs, and boosts your revenue potential.
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Intelligent Efficiency:
Adaptive, automated processes save on operational resources.
Fast Onboarding:
Leverage adaptive technologies for smarter acceptance.
Secure & Optimized Payments:
Smart routing, retry logic and customer preference prioritization.
Unmatched Fraud Protection:
Advanced machine learning for ironclad fraud prevention.

Discount for Non-Profits

PressPay provides special reduced processing rates for eligible non-profits. This custom pricing is specifically for donation transactions as opposed to selling goods or tickets.To see if your organization qualifies, contact one of our specialists today!

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Technology to support self-service giving, anytime and anywhere
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